We provide the where and when.  We are all about group runs as we feel no runner should run alone. The group consists of runners of all abilities who enjoy running regularly. Membership fees are included as long as you are a member of the Hillstriders running club. Once you register for the group email list, you will receive weekly emails on where we are running. We only ask that if you participate that you volunteer to drop a water stop.

Friends of RoadRunners

The Running Depot

30-H North Williams Street

 Crystal Lake, IL 60014

 Phone: 815.788.9755

Join them for Saturday morning runs at 7:30a


What does the training group do?

The Hillstriders training group is new to the Hillstriders family,. Prior to joining the Hillstriders family the group was known as the Road-runners. The Road-Runners have been around since 1999.  It originated with the help of HealthBridge Fitness center HBFC.  There have been over 400 runners who have participated in a run or track meet since it started. In 2016 HBFC decided to end hosting the program. however the group continued to run.  In 2017 The Road-Runner program was taken under the wings of the Hillstriders Running club and continues to host group runs all year long.

About Hillstriders

About Hillstriders training group

The Hillstriders have been around for more than 40 years. The Hillstriders Running Club is a community running club with members of all abilities.  Our members run for the fun of it and also compete in 5 Km races thru ultra marathon events. The Hillstriders also provide race support to many local community efforts via race management, equipment and results.